Conservatives, TEA Partiers, 912ers – It is Time to Adopt a State

How can you do more for your country before the 2012 election? Don’t just settle to tackle the issues in your own state, adopt another state. Learn the issues, assess the candidates, reach out in blogs by writing or commenting, use Twitter and re-tweet, share on StumbleUpon and a host of other sites. Get the word out and let’s clean up Washington DC. No one is above reproach there now. Even the TEA Party candidates did not get the job done. There is a Usurpation of our White House that engages in treasonous and traitorous activities. Has anyone called this out?

So instead of working for 2% of the country go for 4% or more of the states. Your fellow Americans will appreciate it and just so we can all
by working together!


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