Octopi Wall Street or How Hypocritical Minions End Up in “The Tank”

Just love how the octopus winds up in “The Tank” in the video below… like the misguided loonies who are at, near, around, across the state, across the nation pretending to ‘Occupy Wall Street‘ for a real cause? Ironic! Hello… where are your Tom Toms? Tip to the uneducated loonies… Wall Street is still in New York City and that is in the state of New York!

Uploaded by on Nov 11, 2008

It is so past time to point out the obvious paradox of protesting participants by raising some relevant questions and points:

If Union members join in, are they whining for another job or being paid to not do their job and be there?
If they drove to attend, are they hypocrites for owning a bank bailed out vehicle, and did they green it all the way?
If they flew there on a capitalist owned airlines are they hypocrites and what about those carbon footprints?
Have they bought food from a grocer (a capitalist) or a restaurant (a capitalist) or a sidewalk vendor (a capitalist) or a vending machine (a capitalist’s tool)?
When they need a little pocket cash, do they use a (capitalist) bank card at an ATM or request extra cash during a purchase at a (capitalist’s) store?
When they purchased their tents, cell-phones, and clothing did they go to a local thrift store to obtain recycled clothes or did they buy them from an online merchant or brick and mortar store which are (capitalist) owned retailers?
Did they make the shoes or belts or did they buy them from a (capitalist) store via processing through a cattle baron (capitalist) for the leather?
Did they know that the fabric in their clothing comes from a (wholesale capitalist) who requires bank lending to purchase in volume… and is designed by a (capitalist) designer who requires bank lending to establish that business and don’t forget the farmers (capitalists) that raised the cotton or the factories that process the man-made fibers that are (capitalists) businesses?
Did they buy shampoo, sanitary products, and lotions at a (capitalist) store?
Have they taken a taxi ride with a (capitalist) taxi owner?
Have they stayed in a hotel (a capitalist venture) or visited to use the ‘facilities’?
There’s more but one gets the idea.

The protesting mindless minions’ demands are silly and smack of pure WELFARE inspired laziness. They have become the Modern Day Dregs of Society in the United States of America. Their parents must be so proud, NOT!

A Little Tip:
A Capitalist is a taxi driver, a dog walker, a restaurateur, a doctor, a hotdog stand owner, an Avon lady, an ice cream vendor, a barber, a writer, a painter, a sculptor, a landscaper, a babysitter and more. There are more of these capitalists throughout the land, and they are not on board with the minions, but bored by the minions.


7 responses to “Octopi Wall Street or How Hypocritical Minions End Up in “The Tank”

  1. Re: Wallstreet hipocrites – it would have been nice had the Wallstreet flash mobs actually known the lyrics to the national anthem, before they attempted to sing them before the cameras… idiots committing crimes and then yelling police brutality….

  2. Who the hell gave you the idea that they were protesting capitalism? The protesters are just as capitalist as you are, a point I think you make very clear yourself. They aren’t there asking for welfare money. They want to see regulations that make it harder for major Wall Street firms to abuse the financial system. They want to see everyone pay their fair share.

    I agree there is a bit of chaos in the movement as it is right now, but this is also a fairly diverse group of people. They are there for a just cause and are probably in a worse position than you for reasons beyond their control.

    • They are actors and frauds and mindless minions who have been brainwashed for Obama, Van Jones & the Weather Underground. Many of the faces have been identified. I can go into great detail of 1 who’s father is running a business, off the books in his home, another who has his SAG card, and another who is paid as a favor. The country is not that big… and you are talking to a New Yorker in a different state who has reliable resources and research capability? They are lying, crying, whiny red diaper babies. Many cover their faces due to their obvious embarrassment or possible identification. They whine for batteries…. hmm? for what? their I-Pods and cameras & cellphones… they want this, that, & the next thing to be delivered to them. They are the laughing stock of America. Yes they are a bowel movement full of garbage.

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