If You Don’t Stand With Gibson, What Will You Stand For?

This Job-Killing Usurper is Leaving a Wide Wake, America are you awake?

We Stand with Gibson Rally

What: A Rally and Free Concert to show our support for Gibson Guitar

When: Saturday Oct 8, 2011 2-4 PM

Where: Parking Lot of the Scoreboard Restaurant, Nashville

Website: http://gibsonrally.blogspot.com/

Why: Federal agents raided two Gibson factories in August and confiscated part of the production inventory of this 100 year old American Manufacturer and Employer. This abuse of federal power must not go unanswered. We, the citizens who grant government its power and authority, MUST act to hold government accountable when that power is abused. Please join us on Oct 8 in Nashville and Stand with Gibson.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gibson-Rally-2-4PM-Saturday-Oct-8-Nashville/152690421489716

Spread the word, Patriots need to be seen and heard!


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