Daily Archives: October 9, 2011

Keep the TEA Flowing – Ignore the Chaos

TEA Party Participants… DO NOT GET DISTRACTED! Ignore the Chaotic Minions on the Left! DO NOT ENGAGE!

We Are NOT Legion!

Americans obtained their freedom over 200 years… and are not defined by being told where to go, when to go, how to go at the whim of an unscrupulous group of Lunatic Left-leaning Socialistic Marxist Progressive Liberal Democrats.

TEA Partiers never carried uniform signs manufactured by Unions, wore color-coded clothing to designate their allegiance to their mob, union or organization, physically assaulted other Americans, blocked access or egress to any location, used profanity or attack messages… but the current Octopi Wall Street minions have done this and more.

TEA Partiers have a simple message… Taxed Enough Already. What part of this, do the Politicians, Octopi Wall Street, and Anonymous not understand?