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Occupy Wall Street Tools ARE the Socialist Communist Partakers of the Koolaid

Horrible to listen to from the past and even harder to watch as history repeats with new lambs and fools under another manipulative master…

Father Jones last speech

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educational video by Amir

In Jim Jones own words during the commandeered suicide/murder in Guyana… begin at the 2:43 mark

“… They robbed of us our land and they have taken us and driven us til we tried to find ourselves. We tried to find a new beginning, but it’s too late, you can’t separate yourself from your brother and your sister. No way I am going to do it. I refuse. I don’t know who fired the shot. I don’t know who killed the Congressman, but as far as I am concerned I killed him. Die with a degree of dignity. Lay down your life with dignity. Don’t lay down with tears and agony. There is nothing to death it’s like max that is just stepping over in another plane. Don’t be this way. Stop this hysterics. This is not the way for people who are socialistic communists to die. No way for us to die, we must die with some dignity…”

Check out the chanting that even the dominated minions can’t help repeating with no mind and no heart from OWS…

Good-bye to the Freedom of Individualism? When will they be told to commit suicide and complete it? Unions are the brothers and sisters in this endeavor of the Socialist Communists. When will they make a move again like this

Scepter of Union Violence, Big Labor Persuasion

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Scepter of Violence — The Best Twenty-Four Minutes of Big Labor Persuasion History

“Little Joe” Hooper left his wife and two small children made it to work and never made it home. Who slaughtered Little Joe. 100 member mob, union militants, Hooper had joined an independent union and left the AFL-CIO union.

Vignettes —

Quick History of unionism in America.

Victim Neil Martin discuses his vicious attack by union goons.

Victim waitress who was encouraged to work topless by her union boss and encouraged other revealing jobs.

Union steward’s life threatened for questioning how union activity benefits members and workers.

Union on strike until the company rehires union boss fired for beating up a company V.P. People who crossed the line had homes shot up.

And who is in charge of the AFL-CIO today? Why Richard Trumka, of course. He, under official White House Press Release controls, has even issued edicts to his minions with the USURPED Executive Branch’s approval. So the leader of the thugs leads directly to the Oval Office. Treason and Traitorous Activities have no statute of limitations and to the mindless DemocRATShiding records does not negate the act or protect the act but in fact validates accessory to these crimes. One might say it smacks of conspiracy!

Don’t even get me started on the cliff scene in The Final Conflict: Omen 3 and Chicago on election night 2008, but it is the same scenario as the mindless blindly follow and fanatically worship these false leaders.


EVOICEamerica Visits Uncommon Knowledge

Dee and Sandy of EVOICEamerica stopped by Uncommon Knowledge at the top of the second hour and detailed the newest transparency tool for the American People…


Listen to internet radio with PatriotResistance on Blog Talk Radio

is a classier and more robust method of contacting elected officials and representatives, than even, Congress.org. With a patent pending process in the works, Dee and Sandy, have provided a method to easily contact officials directly and simultaneously added an agent of accountability. No longer will officials be able to feign ignorance of a particular hot button issue directly affecting the constituency of a town, county, state, region or entire country. “We the People” also can get a daily pulse on the heartbeat of America.

I personally tested the waters yesterday, prior to the interview, and was truly amazed by the speed of the entire system.

Instantly, one becomes many and many become one! Thank-you Dee and Sandy!

h/t to Proud American