Daily Archives: October 14, 2011

America… Where Are the Economist Candidates?

In 2008, when the far left put all their might to foist a Community Organizer onto America to alleviate what they felt was previously a war-mongering and overspending prior administration, they failed by actually compounding and expanding wars and spending…

If the 2012 field for President is set for the Republicans to vie for and for the Democrats with Obama to lie for… where are the Economist Candidates? When America needed her first President, someone to lead the people, they chose a proven leader in General George Washington. Every generation since has continually attempted to provide, via elections, the proper vetted candidate with the relative experience and knowledge to fulfill America’s goals and dreams. Not every President was spectacular but none have been as destructive and corrupt as what America has currently endured. America does NOT need another dose of the war-monger, big spending, US Constitution ignoring, economy tanking radical in chief. Obama has been an abysmal failure for the left and for the entire country.

With the economy in constant recession mode and declining, would it not make sense to look for an economist to lead America out of the doldrums? This is just a matter of good common sense. America does not need another professional politician who looks ‘Presidential’ and provides the right ‘sound bytes’. Will the next president just be another snake oil salesman or someone of action?

Vote Smart America in 2012. Vote for an American and Vote for America!