Conservatives ARE Living the American Dream Regardless of One World Disorder

Japanese Elm in the Puget Sound

Conservatives are not unlike the Japanese Elm as both are quite sturdy, determined and “considerably more disease resistant to disease than their American counterparts” Conservatives are resistant to the Lib swill no matter how they shill or how shrill they scream, protest, and constantly get arrested.

But truly I am enjoying my stay in the Great Northwest and definitely spending time in reflection…

I find the Liberal Progressives hysterically funny as they really enshroud themselves in their agenda. They live to hate without abate and so they live their lunacy without benefit of other aspects of a stable personal life.

Conservatives work diligently, yet balance their Patriotism with God and Family, through virtuous goals for all in these United States of America. TEA Party members have always maintained a clear concise vision and objective of adhering to the U.S. Constitution and no new taxes.

These days I say, you can’t fix stupid, but you can arrest it. Keep up the pace ‘Occupy Wall Streeters’. If you remain incarcerated, the gene pool in the USA will be cleansed.


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