Who Thought That The End of the Year Would Be Appropriate for OWS?

The Progressive Punks spurred on by none other than the huge progressive failure of RADICAL GREEN (CZAR) WITH ENVY Jim (oops) Van Jones aka Barry’s Scary Fairy

Van Jones Warns Of A Progressive October Offensive Against Tea Party RealClearPolitics

Uploaded by on Sep 30, 2011


Van Jones on Progressives – MSNBC w/ Cenk

Uploaded by on Nov 10, 2010

Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) hosting MSNBC Live speaks with Van Jones on motivating progressives and changing the system.

One would tend to believe that ‘ethereal’ progressive thinkers would have put more thought into the yearly climate changes and weather gear for their minions’ protesting comfort. Geesh…. October 15th and the following weeks to months, always progresses or in the real world, digresses into lower temperatures from fall into early winter…EVERY YEAR! How smart was this especially since these same liberal progressives tend to mark their territory in the northern states of the USA? Plans and plotting, never seem to be in short supply, but the follow-through always leads to lackluster results… witness the Usurper’s lack of leadership and accomplishments that extends to the continual overuse of a failed minion messenger in Van Jones.

No Happy Halloween, Happy Holidays of Thanksgiving or Merry Christmas for the fools… bwa ha ha… just desserts for all the hate they propagate.


2 responses to “Who Thought That The End of the Year Would Be Appropriate for OWS?

  1. Per Gateway Pundit 12/1/11 Occupy Wall Street is toast “Occupy Movement Is Dead As a Skunk… 5 Protesters Left in Chicago, 3 in Indy, 10 in NYC” http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2011/12/occupy-movement-is-dead-as-a-skunk-5-protesters-left-in-chicago-3-in-indy-10-in-nyc/ For historians, they were disgusting rapists, thieves, druggies, perverts, hate mongers, filthy, weapon toting, spoiled rich, or labor union thugs commandeered to “act the fools” because they were the morons of America and the DEMOCRATS supported them!

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