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Patriots On All Fronts While Fools Continue to Rag & Rage

While still enjoying, the Great Northwest in Washington State, the home fires are burning, as hubby provides Arkansas insight for today:


Katie Vandruff says they chose the Clinton Presidential Center for a reason.

“The only symbolism of this property is that it is public property, and Occupy Wall Street is supposed to be about taking back public property,” says Vandruff.

Thomas Hudson says they represent the 99 percent of Americans who are seeing their incomes plummet, while the top one percent is seeing an increase.

“Unbalanced income growth in the last decade. Most people have seen their income stagnate or decrease or they become unemployed all together,” says Hudson.

Now, if read correctly, they are taking back public property because they can’t get a job. What has that got to do with the top one percent seeing an increase in their income? How is taking back public property going to “spank the rich and butter the poor”?

I am amazed at how utterly useless the Education System has been to produce retarded individuals like these!

Hey Honey, how do you really feel… lol  XXXO

*** Was not edited for political correctness! Those days are numbered!