Daily Archives: October 29, 2011

Sad… The Zeitgeist Movement… The Movement That Can’t Spell

Hey Bowel Movements who love to deface property and align with OWS…
Number 1 If you join an organization learn to spell it correctly when you commit your crimes of defacing property. For example The Zeitgeist Movement is not spelled ‘THE Zeitguiest Movment’ and let’s not get into proper use of capital letters… geesh
Number 2 If you spray paint out in nature for kicks and use the color green, that is not greening the environment, and you could possible endanger nesting birds and eggs on bridge eaves.
Number 3 Both TZM and OWS need to be screened for proficiency and background checks for it seems the lowest quality of individuals, i.e. poor education, lack of ethics, criminal deviants and perverts epitomize these moronic groups.

Could TZM really stand for Typical Zombie Mutants?
Could OWS really stand for Obama World Sadomasochistics?

I know I’m on to something here 😉


This Is How You Have an American Revolution

In the 60s American children had their Golden Books with pearls of wisdom…
Children of the late 50s through the 60s knew the importance of God, Family, Country. We knew our history… it wasn’t always pretty, but we advanced and grew. If we would have seen the term OWS, we would have asked… “What hurts?” Now in 2011 we see that OWS is a big hurt unto themselves… they eat their own. Let them! They are nothing more than the fleas on the dog that is Obama.

Patriots don’t see a revolution but the need for reformation, reconstruction, and restoration… it’s called adhering to the U.S. Constitution. We don’t need a fundamental transformation via a Usurper who is a treasonous, traitorous, affirmative action, do-nothing denigrating our White House by lowering it’s prestige as the highest priced Section 8 housing in the United States of America. If that be a revolutionary idea, though, count me in! I will help to vote him out by voting for an American in 2012. Shouldn’t everyone?