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The Symbol That Can Not Be Eradicated

The cross endures in nature

No matter if it is the psycho Usurper’s administration, his minions, or radical religions or even the non-religious, they can not eliminate Christianity in the USA. They can lower themselves by reveling in base behavior but corruption, depravity, hate, and Christian segregation will be repelled and the propagators of same will be confined within these United States of America.


Local Elections in 2011 Will Set the Trend for 2012

Get educated now on your local candidates and issues for the 2011 Election cycle. It’s not nearly as flashy or as commercial as the 2012 election will be, but you must research and vet those local candidates now! Patriots must stay vigilant! The USA is at stake!

Here is a wonderful informational resource example from the Puget Sound in the form of the local newspaper.

However, do not hesitate to complete further research, attend meetings or events, and know what you candidate supports! Don’t let any organization tell you how to vote!

When All Around Is Misery and Hate…

…via the Usurped Administration, his minions, union thugs & OWS…

Enjoy a bit of Nature

I am!
And remember… Patriots never give up, never give in… no matter the spin, we’re in it to win! Our US Constitution Back!!!

How Does It Feel To Be On the Other Side of the Desk?

Now teachers know what it’s like to get scored and not be happy with what an “opinion” about their work is, by someone who doesn’t have the same idea of what they mean. Now they should put it to use when scoring tests!!!

Standardized testing sucks but so do essay questions scored by someone who doesn’t “read” your answers. Suck it up teachers or start TEACHING and not worrying about how your liberal ideas are working on our children.

h/t to Hubby

The Patriot Guard Riders at Attention Front Gates Joint Base Lewis McChord

The Patriot Guard Riders ever vigilant, pictured today outside of the former Camp Lewis, now known as Joint Base Lewis McChord in Western Washington State…

Their motto:

“Standing For Those Who Stood For Us”

God Bless The Patriot Guard Riders for their dedication above and beyond their duty!

Who Thought That The End of the Year Would Be Appropriate for OWS?

The Progressive Punks spurred on by none other than the huge progressive failure of RADICAL GREEN (CZAR) WITH ENVY Jim (oops) Van Jones aka Barry’s Scary Fairy

Van Jones Warns Of A Progressive October Offensive Against Tea Party RealClearPolitics

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Van Jones on Progressives – MSNBC w/ Cenk

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Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) hosting MSNBC Live speaks with Van Jones on motivating progressives and changing the system.

One would tend to believe that ‘ethereal’ progressive thinkers would have put more thought into the yearly climate changes and weather gear for their minions’ protesting comfort. Geesh…. October 15th and the following weeks to months, always progresses or in the real world, digresses into lower temperatures from fall into early winter…EVERY YEAR! How smart was this especially since these same liberal progressives tend to mark their territory in the northern states of the USA? Plans and plotting, never seem to be in short supply, but the follow-through always leads to lackluster results… witness the Usurper’s lack of leadership and accomplishments that extends to the continual overuse of a failed minion messenger in Van Jones.

No Happy Halloween, Happy Holidays of Thanksgiving or Merry Christmas for the fools… bwa ha ha… just desserts for all the hate they propagate.

Margaret Mead Would Have Recognized Social Disorder in OWS

Margaret Mead may have said it best when she defined her motto  “…Be Lazy, go crazy,…” while building a life, consumed by the study of man and his behaviors, in her chosen field of anthropology.

Odyssey Series: Margaret Mead

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When Margaret Mead died in 1978 she was probably one of American anthropology’s most popular and public figures. This filmed portrait interweaves her personal history and intellectual contributions, based on interviews held shortly before her death, on old family and field photographs, and on conversations with a variety of her friends, family, and former students.

Margaret Mead must have been gazing into a crystal ball, knowing full well that the history of man, like history itself, repeats. With the lazy crazies lining up at OWS events that has the Usurper, has-been celebrities and never-will politicians singing praises for these demented ‘down-trodden’ (as if!) union minions and liberal anarchists, the real American people know the score. OWS and their corrupt leaders can taunt, taint, stage, disparage, defecate, deviate, and deviant in a public spectacle but their temper tantrums only disgust “We The People” If OWS punks really want a job… they can go see Barry, Nancy P and Al G… as OWS punks have all the qualities that they admire.

…but onto something more cerebral as there are more fine quotes from Margaret Mead for all of us who appreciate real thinkers of substance!