Daily Archives: November 3, 2011

Could Someone Get the DemocRATic Executive Branch a Super-Sized GPS Other Than NASA?

Maybe this will finally be the last time the moronic Democrats call their thug-a-thon members out. How many times can they send out the clowns?
With the current Spaztastics of OWS DemocRATs, OWS SEIU, OWS Moveon, OWS labor unions and professionally paid OWS protestors, how much further into the sewer will the faux administration sink? Obviously stupid can’t be fixed, but it can be voted out in 2012. America will be restored regardless of where these fools declare Wall St sits or the faux MSM fails to report. America knows OWS was an organized sympathy, distraction, in your face Obama game. We are not amused.