Daily Archives: November 8, 2011

Thrift Store vs Antique Store Shopping

Just a head’s up to Seattle area thrift stores… if you want to be a retailer… please get rid of the moniker ‘thrift‘. The pricing reflects otherwise, as well as the over abundance of ‘cheaply purchased new items from China‘, used as filler throughout a majority of these ‘thrift‘ stores. There are dollar stores with that same product and cheaper because it is sold for a dollar… hmm?

Antique stores in the Puget Sound provide the best deals of durable goods and quality merchandise at unbeatable prices encompassing all eras. Yesterday, I was looking for a Disney VHS recording of Cinderella which is currently in the vault and not to be re-released until next fall. However, I found just what I needed at an antique store in pristine condition for $ 3 for my granddaughter.

Thrift stores are turning either shiftless or shifty because during these economic times, these same stores believe that they can. Shame on them!

Save your money and shop around! Don’t let the sign on the store door fool you!