Valid Questions Re: Unequal Treatment, Is it ‘All About the Money’?

Via email yesterday…

…Subject: Is there a double standard for Cain?

The young men in the Penn State sex scandal are referred to as victims.
The women in the Cain scandal are referred to as liars.
Why the double standard?

They lost their jobs and were given hush money. The sums were large as that was members donations used to cover up Cain’s conduct.
And remember he is an associate Baptist minister.

And today’s email…

…Subject: Re: Is there a double standard for Cain?

Plus now did you see he hired a libel lawyer. Blatant attempt to intimidate witnesses and accusers.
I knew about the sex allegiations in June. A reporter from ABC called and asked about the topic. She told me they had heard rumors and thought there was something to it and they were looking and were going to keep digging.

My contact has always been spot on as “Cain defamation lawyer hired to monitor hmm? Could Reuters be incorrect… or is it more likely that paranoia is in full swing or it’s just good old fashioned ‘passing interference’? One tends to believe when you drill down to the basics that it’s all about the money… somewhere… somehow… because wealthy professional businessmen don’t take a lesser paying job as President for kicks, when with one good deal on any given day the net is worth five times or more the annual Presidential salary including perks (unless you are the Usurper and escort, grabbing all they can, while they can)!


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