Daily Archives: November 18, 2011

Irony… Unions Set the Stage and Who Will Take the Fall!

Does it escape the average American’s view that Union goons are attacking Union buffoons?

I say GREAT! KUDOS! KEEP UP the CHANGE or DERANGEMENT! OWS, SEIU, MoveOn, and the NYPD can keep their little show going ad nauseum. This off Broadway, round the corner, dank alley sideshow is a drag as the producers (Liberal Democratic Socialist Marxist Left Leaning Usurper Supporting Morons) continue financing this dog.

Reputations are forever tarnished, lives ended, innocence lost with every OWS misadventure urged on by the most vile scum and traitorous individuals that the United States of America has every witnessed. Remember the charge of treason has no expiration!


Snow… Snow… Snow

So glad I am visiting the great Northwest before returning home for the holidays…

As I tweeted just before 10 pm here in Washington State:

bobbi85710 Nov 17, 11:42pm via HootSuite

Snowflakes the size of silver dollars falling in Puyallup Washington right now.

Dean Martin – Let it Snow!