Hmm? Get Your Black Ukraine Soil, Glowing Once, Glowing Twice…

On my way home this evening from Washington state I happened to be going through the airline’s own air magazine when I spotted this…

Now, this is a highly suspicious activity or reference as the Ukraine and in particular Chernobyl, prior to Fukushima, had the largest nuclear accident in the world with heinous and widespread deaths, destruction, and soil contamination

What one can only assume…Get your Black Death at Does anyone really know exactly where this black soil would come from in the Ukraine and has the radiation leeched into water tables? Of course it has! Now must we request where soil is mined? Would this not be spreading the contamination as they state that they have

“…Enough black soil to grow food for the whole world…”

hmm? Anyone interested in some “hot” produce?


2 responses to “Hmm? Get Your Black Ukraine Soil, Glowing Once, Glowing Twice…

  1. This info is available by ckicking on Rich Natural Resources link… hmm?
    In Ukraine, about 20 000 deposits of 200 different kinds of minerals have been discovered.
    The reserves of some of the discovered minerals exceed those of the largest countries, including the USA, Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Canada and others.
    The mining volumes of the iron, manganese, titanium-zirconium and other ores in Ukraine are among the largest in Europe and the world.
    Ukraine possesses 30% of the world’s black soils, which consist about 60% of the Ukraine’s agrarian lands.

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