When Did Attackwatch aka #Attackwatch Turn into the Democratic Attack Dog upon Republicans?

How petty and petulant have the Democrats digressed while “changeling” their message and messaging systems…
This screen picture of the latest taunts issued by Attackwatch displays the outright desperation of the Democratic machine that is being run into the ground by the Bogus President and his demented minions. Now even though there is a transparent statement of purpose…

prior to signing up to this trolling tool site, the Attackwatch tweets reveal this to be a blatant lie and as it is as of tweet 18 is consistently on the attack. Classy… NOT!

Obama is Now Laughing Stock of the World – Even the Germans Assist

Obama’s Solar Scandal Deserves a Song Just Report Me to Attackwatch

Attackwatch aka The Obama Machine of Misinformation?

Altogether this is one huge childish endeavor by none other than your favorite Democrats!


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