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Have a Safe and Happy New Year’s Eve… Start Out 2012 RIGHT!

2012, Americans will restore the United States of America via the polls! Make no mistake about it! There’s just ONE WAY BACK! It’s adhering to the U.S. Constitution. Embrace it! Vote for a Natural Born American Citizen… Republicans are vetted! Not a potential Usurper in the bunch!


49 Other States Have Common Sense

In shipment today…

How many Californians have contracted Cancer from lead head fish hooks? Do Californians eat them?

And the sad thing is, this is an American company that shipped these out.

Iowa, Are You Fired Up? Will You Set the Standard?

Iowa CaucusJanuary 3, 2012

Iowans, you showed the right stuff in 2010 in Congratulations IOWA, No Party for Mr. Jonathan Narcisse!

Please muster all of your Patriotic spirit with a Conservative heart, once again, and choose a valiant Republican candidate next week. The party needs the very best start. America can’t afford a “look”, “kook”, “cook”, or “hook”.

The United States of America also can not afford to divide the vote vs the Demonic DemocRATS. A third party, is not viable, unless ‘The One’, not…That One…“, steps forward! There is one certainty, the Republicans are all Natural Born Citizens, with detailed transparent histories, and no mysteries! An occasional skeleton in the closet should be examined, and patterns determined for an errant move or a regular basis!

There may be no transparent history of Obama… but time has proven his pattern!

And Yet Another Doling Out Dollars Reprogrammed

H/T to Hubby

Is there a liberal dictionary?

There must be, and in it under “unemployed” must be a synonym “disabled” because I sure as hell can’t figure this one out!!

Jobless Tap Disability Fund via The Wall Street Journal.

Another Holiday Season with Another Obama Religious Omission and/or Transgression

Last year it was this little jab with Obama’s Communion, Publicity Stunt or Purposeful Annoyance to Islam?

This year it appears to be Obama’s Kwanzaa Greeting, Publicity Stunt or Purposeful Annoyance to Christians? as Gateway Pundit reveals via Obama Skips Christmas Statement But Issues Statement for Fake Holiday Kwanzaa.

Only ‘THAT ONE’ who is so totally fake would ’round robin’ religious agitations. Yet in keeping with the ‘angry bird’ syndrome we now have the LAME DUCK status of an unvetted and BOGUS POS POTUS. I wish him ‘HELL’!

The Obama Piñata! Open Season – Now in FULL SWING!

Barack  Obama Pinata

How many whacks does it take to get to the center of the Obama Piñata?

Well we know that you won’t find the U.S. Constitution inside unless it’s shredded for filling!

Oil Conning in the United States via the Usurper

If Turkey, Azerbaijan sign pipeline deal as Breitbart reports…

Sloth aka Speed of the O' Oil Pirates

… then why is the DO-NOTHING Obama administration dragging its feet on the Keystone Pipeline? Reuters has reported that Obama has options to delay Keystone pipeline. hmm?

It is bad enough that the DemocRATS propagate a dependent welfare society, now they endeavor to create the ultimate dependent welfare country by conning the American public ad nauseam.

What Were All of the Lasers About on NORAD’s Santa Tracker Last Night?

Tipping in on NORAD’s Santa Tracker last night, displays were manic, as laser beams were whizzing by at every stop detailed on Santa’s journey…
It would appear that worldwide Santa was constantly dodging ‘Star Wars Ammunition‘. WOW!

And if one watched delivery paths, presents were in place before he arrived… hmm? Is there one efficient department left in Washington DC? Tacky this year, very tacky!

This is for the children. Who dropped the ball?