Get It Right, It’s a CHRISTMAS Tree!

Just because morons abound and presume, as an elected official that their words are golden, doesn’t make the rest of America beholden….Even in 2011 schoolchildren and teachers can have a Christmas Tree with the lesson in giving back to the community where needed.

The song O Tannenbaum or O Christmas Tree rings true in two different languages.

Brenda Lee went Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees are decorated with what? Christmas ornaments!

Uploaded by on Dec 2, 2011

Adolf Hitler, David Cicilline, Barney Frank, and their leader the devil refuse to say Christmas Tree at the Christmas tree lightings, so, I made them sing “Feliz Navidad” and dance a little number for you! Merry Christmas from the campaign to elect Chris Young to Congress in 2012! Please share this and vote these clowns out of office! Please also friend me!

Just because Rhode Island Governor Chafee has selective traditions doesn’t mean he’s a left-leaning liberal shill for Obama? Or maybe it does

“…Chafee was a supporter of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential bid…”

Well I will be putting up my Christmas Tree this weekend and placing Christmas Lights and Christmas Ornaments all over it and I will place my Christmas Wreath on my door! I also will not purchase any items from Rhode Island for Christmas because a holiday is just another name for a vacation. Hopefully, next time around Gov. Chafee will get a terminal vacation via the polls!


3 responses to “Get It Right, It’s a CHRISTMAS Tree!

  1. Contact Office of Governor Lincoln D. Chafee Let him know It’s a CHRISTMAS TREE… & holiday is not an adjective.

  2. Christmas is nothing more than a pagan celebration to one of many gods Horus the sun god from ancient Egypt to Isis, the christmas tree is nothing more than a phallic symbol to paganism, no wonder early christians refused to have these pagan symbols in their homes, theres some “uncommon knowledge: you should be spreading.

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