How the Gingrich Will Restore Christmas!

As fellow Patriot TORARADICAL surmises in Who to Support in 2012? , Gingrich is rising to the top…

How can Gingrich restore Christmas and the United States of America? Let’s take a page from the familiar Christmas tale:

But, you know, that dear Gingrich was so smart with edicts
He thought up a plan, and he thought it up quick!
“Why, my sweet USA,” the new and legit POTUS supplied,
“There’s a cause for this country that won’t right on one side.
“So I’m taking my turn at fixing the course for the free.
“I’ll fix it up here. Then restore it back for all to see.”

And his words inspired Patriots. With what was, shall be
And Americans lay heads on pillows, all so carefree.
And when Nancy Pelosi figured it out,
She found treasonous charges waiting about!

Mr. Gingrich quickly endured Liberal ire,
Building a cabinet list by the Christmas fire.
Names bantered about included Palin, Bolton and Cain.
As Democrats loudly began to complain…

Where are the give me(s), the freebies, to squander a way
Where are our payoffs and bribes each day?
And Mr. Gingrich replied, It’s over you simpletons with your occupiers…

The United States of America doesn’t tolerate liars!

Merry Christmas!

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