When Will the Burned Occupiers Turn Their Wrath on Jones, Obama, and Comrades?

When will the Occupiers realize that they were no more than collateral damage, affecting no one but themselves, who were orchestrated/ordered by Van (Jim) Jones and Barack Hussein (Barry Soetoro, Harrison J. Bounel, and other name variations) Obama via various entities. Occupiers, are you better off now than you were three years ago? What has changed? Who purported to bring about ‘change’? Is this not a ‘change’ that you were deceived in?

Did you have friends raped, murdered, threatened, beaten and more as you lived your life three years ago? Were you in a cushy school with ‘liberal arts’ as your main objective to completion for graduation? Did the ‘liberal instructors’ corrupt your rosy future with angry yet subtle insinuations that you were deprived of freebies? Did they tell you that you had no responsibilities for any decisions that you had recently made or that repayment of obligations for collegiate loans were okay to default upon? Have you felt that you were brainwashed into recent activity, coerced into hostilities, or were you falsely promised that the world of tomorrow needed you to ‘Occupy‘ today?

Finally, one last question… Are Your Parents Proud of You?

Occupiers can not be taught, as they hassle their own in Opposition grows to Occupy’s port shutdown plan. Oh yes, the Union goons are going to love this today… NOT!


2 responses to “When Will the Burned Occupiers Turn Their Wrath on Jones, Obama, and Comrades?

  1. Looks like occupy is mystified by lack of participation… wising up? doubtful… but Gateway Pundit offers this bit http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2011/12/occupy-port-fail-part-ii-50-occupy-san-diego-protesters-walk-in-a-circle-4-arrested/

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