A Case of Capital City Cronyism Charitable Bonuses in Little Rock Arkansas?

h/t to Hubby for the link http://www.katv.com/story/16350618/little-rock-proposal-would-give-away-vacant-homes-lots  and his strong sentiment

“…LITTLE ROCK – A proposal by the Little Rock Land Bank Commission would hand over vacant lots and houses to city employees for free, as long as there is a commitment to revitalize the property.

The Board of Directors will vote on Tuesday whether to approve the plan that would essentially give away 61 properties to eligible city and Little Rock School District employees. Those employees would be obligated to make the property their permanent address and develop within a year…”

How do these people become eligible???!!!?? Why don’t they give the properties away to people with money, who WILL develop them??

Put the names of people interested, with development skills and big money, in a hat and draw them.

This is their way of giving away property to their friends and relatives who probably will cash in on it and we’ll never know, because they’ll hide it.


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