Great News – The Liberal Spammers Appear to Be Losing Steam

My spam content had been on a steady increase during the Usurper’s administration. Recently, as displayed in the screen capture below, it has dropped off significantly.

Could the Liberal Spammers be losing momentum and direction…or maybe they finally figured out that their computer abilities have just been scammed and recorded for an unqualified and ineligible Usurper to use as some future leverage? It’s not like these computer personnel aka ‘hackers couldn’t research, hmm?
That puts them in the same arena as the ‘Burned Occupiers‘. Hopefully the Hackers will enlighten the masses with their discoveries, instead of attempting to frighten the masses like the Occupiers. Oh, how the youth of today has been burned by the ‘administration‘ that they are working for, instead of the ‘establishment‘ they are working against. A little tip Buffy, Joey, Katina and Lamont, you have been had. The older Americans that you see every day in your community… didn’t grow old by being a fool or by being used.

Was the money worth your loss of patriotism, self-respect, and the anger of your family?

I have yet to hear of one proud parent, grandparent, husband, wife, or beau regarding the fine work that their hacker completes for the Usurper and his administration.

Now… why would that be?


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