‘A Barack Obama Christmas Carol’ Revisited… Prophetic?

A blast from the past that has come to pass…

A Barack Obama Christmas Carol

Uploaded by on Dec 20, 2006

“The Little Drummer Boy” rewritten for Our Savior, the Senator from Illinois.

Puke, Puke!

Note the words….

Run, they told me, Barack Obama
We’re scared of Hillary, Barack Obama
They say that you’re too green, Barack Obama
Kick start the hype machine, Barack Obama rock your mama rock Obama
So to elect him in 2008 Clinton can wait

He’s black but not too, black Barack Obama
The press has got his back, Barack Obama
It’s only two more years, Barack Obama
So ixnay on the ears, Barack Obama rock your mama rock Obama
We’ll drop our pants for you, Barack Obama
When you run.

Prophetic or was this just fair warning to use a prophylactic as Obama has screwed every American since his ‘inauguration‘?


One response to “‘A Barack Obama Christmas Carol’ Revisited… Prophetic?

  1. Many blacks who voted for Obama felt he would be sensitive to Black American issues. In 2009, Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D- CA), chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) said of Obama after he was inaugurated: “His agenda is our agenda.” The significant question is was the CBC on the President’s agenda in the first place? This article was written in June 2011. Not one member of the CBC is working in Obama’s administration. I do not recall any member even being invited to work in the administration. However there was an article on USNews.com that said in February 2009: “Obama Faces Diversity Complaints: Too Many White Males”: “Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee of California, chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, has met with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel about the lack of diversity. ‘We are concerned about this and will continue to monitor it,’ said a caucus official.” ( http://www.usnews.com/blogs/washington-whispers/2009/2/2/obama-faces-diversity-complaints-too-many-white-males.html?s_cid=s:washington-whispers:obama-faces-diversity-complaints-too-many-white-males ). Lack of diversity in a “Black” White House? Obama wanted Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL), a White woman, to be the Chair of the Democratic National Committee and now holds that position. I wondered why he did not nominate a more senior member of the CBC such as John Conyers (D-MI). He was elected to Congress two years before Wasserman-Shultz was even born!

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