Iowa, Are You Fired Up? Will You Set the Standard?

Iowa CaucusJanuary 3, 2012

Iowans, you showed the right stuff in 2010 in Congratulations IOWA, No Party for Mr. Jonathan Narcisse!

Please muster all of your Patriotic spirit with a Conservative heart, once again, and choose a valiant Republican candidate next week. The party needs the very best start. America can’t afford a “look”, “kook”, “cook”, or “hook”.

The United States of America also can not afford to divide the vote vs the Demonic DemocRATS. A third party, is not viable, unless ‘The One’, not…That One…“, steps forward! There is one certainty, the Republicans are all Natural Born Citizens, with detailed transparent histories, and no mysteries! An occasional skeleton in the closet should be examined, and patterns determined for an errant move or a regular basis!

There may be no transparent history of Obama… but time has proven his pattern!


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