For the Good of the United States of America and the Entire Planet, Will the Usurper Step Aside!

Impeach Obama or Arrest Him!

There is a website entirely devoted to documenting his dereliction to duty It’s a performance evaluation and he doesn’t cut it!

There is a website entirely devoted to determining his eligibility It’s a Constitutional requirement and a non-negotiable!

It is not as if Obama is being singled out as three other men before him have experienced the process:

Bill Clinton Impeachment

Richard Nixon Impeachment

Andrew Johnson Impeachment

‘WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE’ are demanding it:

Uploaded by on Jan 2, 2012

This clip shows an airplane picking up an impeach-Obama banner for an over-flight of Rose Parade 2012. The airport was fog-bound at first and the plane was about 45 minutes late taking off. It arrived at the parade about half an hour before the end and overflew the area for about an hour. Total flight time over the parade area and along LA freeways was about 2.5 hours. The letters of the banner were over-sized, 12-feet in height, compared to 5-7 feet normally.

The cost of this ad was paid by about 50 regular US citizens about half from the SoCal area and the rest from across America. The next over-flight is expected to be the Super Bowl. To contribute to the next over flight, go to this link:

Sky-banner sponsored by following FaceBook groups:

Impeach Obama Tea Party

Stop Obama Now – San Diego

Boycott Oprah

Ad produced by National Sky-Ads of Long Island, New York.

Law Enforcement is investigating Obama via Sheriff Joe Arpaio Task Force Investigating Obama as requested by ‘WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE’.

Attorney after Attorney have filed papers, some major ones are:

Mario Apuzzo
Philip J. Berg
Leo Donofrio
Dr. Orly Taitz

Retired and Active Duty Military have raised concerns, some major ones are:

Lieutenant General Thomas G. McInerney (retired)
Lieutenant Colonel Terrence (Terry) Lakin (was originally on active duty with initial concerns)
Major General Paul E. Vallely US Army (retired)

There are numerous members of Congress who have raised concerns!

It’s not as if John Q. Public is bored, uninformed, or ‘…acting stupidly…’

Now the DemocRATS better start getting a candidate ready for 2012, because “We, THE PEOPLE OF PLANET EARTH KNOW THE TRUTH!” and Obama is not eligible, has never been eligible, and is therefore a USURPER!

Americans will be voting for a Natural Born American in 2012! All others, step aside!


2 responses to “For the Good of the United States of America and the Entire Planet, Will the Usurper Step Aside!

  1. Another officer, Major Stefan Cook, who questioned eligibility is extremely ill

    And how could I ever forget Lt. Cmdr Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III who is enduring incarceration currently and

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