Are The Obamas TEA PARTY Closet Supporters?

No wonder we are just hearing about the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ TEA PARTY themed Halloween Party at the White House in 2009…

That One who has so diligently tried to marginalize the TEA Party, actually rather appears to enjoy one (expensive only and loaded with stars, on the taxpayers’ backs).

Are The Obamas TEA PARTY Closet Supporters? Why Yes, Yes They Are! Just not in the ‘transparent‘ way:

Obama’s Hold Lavish $$(Big Bucks)$$ Hollywood Style Halloween Party

Uploaded by on Jan 8, 2012

Halloween 2009, while the national unemployment rate was right at 10%, the Obama’s decided to have a mega bucks Hollywood style Halloween party at the White House. This extravagant Halloween party was decorated by Tim Burton and it featured Johnny Depp in his mad Hatter role . . . . .

Hokey on the Exterior But Luxurious on the Interior of the White House?

hmm? Where’s footage of the ‘real’ festivities?


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