Smitten with ‘Mittens’? You Are Being Tooled!

Spanish commercials for an American Presidential Candidate that when translated in the campaign’s footnotes under the video expresses:

“Mitt Romney is a preservative industrialist who believes in the values that have made of our country the most extraordinary nation of the world:

Or the title which translates only to:


Now this was quickly performed via Babel Fish, yet, one has to ponder for all the other nationalities in The United States Of America, where are all of their ‘special commercials”? Is Mittens an industrialist and/or is he going to get “wee-weed up” like the current Usurper in the White House?

Would this commercial be broadcasting in Puerto Rico? No… it’s Florida bound!


Uploaded by on Jan 10, 2012

Mitt Romney es un empresario conservador que cree en los valores que han hecho de nuestro país la nación más extraordinaria del mundo.

Hey Mitt, if people don’t understand the language of the land and cannot interpret (because translation keys do such a bang up job as above, and, by the way, I had to correct the spelling of industrialist) the U.S. Constitution, for it is in English, how can they responsibly place a vote?

You didn’t lose me, because I can not be had!


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