Faux FLOTUS aka Thunder Thighs Twitter Account Goes Active Today

Michelle Obama has no Klout and/or Clout which goes without saying…

Looks like the Twitter Account has gone active today after a couple of months of dithering

It’s for the little people to run and if she feels like Tweeting she will grace the Twitter stream with her initials. Whatever Marie! It makes one ponder how the account is classified as VERIFIED with the Twitter Blue Check emblem, as she, herself, is not operating it solely?

It’s just another Dog & Pony Show” like Attackwatch.

Now… Really… just how many Twitter accounts do the Obamas, their operatives, and minions require? Who are the people manning them and how are they paid? Is it political contributions on official sites or is it taxpayer dollars misspent? Once again quantity does not equate to quality for the USURPER and relatives!


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