Florida’s State Motto: “In GOD We Trust” as the Democrat Socialist PsyOps Enters

Florida, the other 49 states are urging you to look to God and during your primary to vote for the right candidate…

Remember that Newt’s opponent is Obama, Mitten’s opponent is Newt. hmm?

As the Democratic machine and minions start their little PsyOps games to disconnect and separate the Republicans into protectionism of the flailing candidates Paul, Romney, and Santorum, nobody is buying it…

If, over a week ago, Gingrich slams NYC public workers, then why is their union brethren only attacking Mitt Romney with a major ad, and not the entire Republican field or even just Newt? hmm?

Uploaded by on Jan 19, 2012

AFSCME Independent Expenditure Ad Covering Mitt Romney’s Record as a Director of the Damon Corporation.

The bane of Mittens is Bain Capital.

Doesn’t it seem odd that Obama’s TSA goons detained Rand Paul today?

Uploaded by on Jan 23, 2012

Controversy over TSA detention of Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. Son of presidential hopeful Ron Paul.

The bane of Rand Paul is his father!

Momentarily, Santorum appears to be relatively safe from the ploys, let’s see how the rest of the week goes.

UPDATE 7:36 CST and only 4 hours after making the above surmise, Gateway Pundit has put up the article: Glitter, Shouting, Tackled Protesters: Screaming #Occupy Goons Dragged From Santorum Event in Florida.

I wasn’t long wrong!

Will OWS be Santorum’s Bane?

But whatever happens, don’t fall for the union slugs and TSA tactics, they are under the control of the USURPER!

The Democrat Socialists are on overtime with their PsyOps. They can’t have “We The People” already determining our future… they have to undermine and separate to keep the Usurper protected for another election.

Floridians, Patriots believe in your motto “In GOD We Trust“. Please don’t allow the leftist cons and agenda to intrude upon your state with psyops games.


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