The American People, With Evidence Accepted Into Georgia’s Court, NOW Have Standing!

Finally, documents and researched facts (including Obama’s own ghost-written book) were entered into evidence via court records in the state of Georgia today… as relayed by The National Patriot in OBAMA ELIGIBILITY COURT CASEBLOW BY BLOW report.

There can be no denial that Americans now have standing.

Since the Usurper and/or the Usurper’s attorney blew off today’s official hearing  and just last night the Georgia Secretary of State responded to Obama’s attorney’s intent to do so, there is absolutely no acceptable excuse for the defiant no-show to a court-ordered subpoena. Any first year law student or average American knows there is a heavy penalty and would never disrespect this process. There is no question that the Usurper possesses no legal documentation. An easy remedy would be to provide any and all, but all he has to offer is fraudulent and/or forged.

Minor v. Happersett sets the precedent for every court across the land including the U.S. Supreme Court. Not even with the Usurper’s seating of illegal SCOTUS appointments, can this help him to recover as they will be considered conspirators to this fraud against the American populace and the continuing usurpation of our White House.

How can the Governor of Hawaii explain his attendance of the Obama birth in The United States of America? Can Abercrombie state now

“Maybe I’m the only one in the country that could look you right in the eye right now and tell you, ‘I was here when that baby was born.’ “

hmm? What country was he in as he never located the previously promised documentation purportedly held in Hawaii?


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