Unvetted Candidates Are Stealing American 2012 Votes

Is this purposeful… “You Betcha!”

If George Soros aka Spooky Dude is correct, and of course he also hedges his bets or masterminds it financially as exemplified by Tides Foundation/OWS ramp ups, that there is absolutely… ‘Not “Much Difference” Between Romney And Obama’. Why, now, the bold statement that confirms what Americans suspect… that Romney is garnering  invalid convention delegates with an unconfirmed vetting? Agitation fodder?

Obviously there are eligibility issues past (Chester A. Arthur), present (Obama and Romney), and future (Obama and Romney) if “We The People” are not vigilant and call them out. Don’t rely on the LAME Main Stream Media to provide the truth. Look at the early call of Mitt Romney winning the Iowa Caucus over Rick Santorum. Bloggers, including myself, revealed otherwise immediately, while the LAME Main Stream Media kept to the script. That was every one of them… not one of them reported the facts and the immediate alert from Iowa that there were counts in error. The early calls were eery calls of unsubstantiated falsehoods and so reminiscent of the early calls from the American Heartland, West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii during the 2008 election. Was this just another dry run for the MSM or was this more agitation fodder?

What is amazing, is that the Liberals really and truly believe that their dirty tricks and mayhem would cause American patriots to rise up and act as stupidly as their own LIBERAL TOOLS,OWS, ACORN, UNIONS, PROGRESSIVE organizations and other criminal thugs.

Americans are better than that! We are Patriots, Constitutionalists, TEA Partiers, Independents, Republicans, 912ers, Oath Keepers, Moms, Dads, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Sisters, and Brothers.

Just remember any vote for an unvetted candidate is a vote stolen from an eligible candidate and ‘natural born Citizen’!


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