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Fond Farewell To Davy Jones of the Monkees

All the little girls from the early sixties just died inside a little bit today…

Monkees – Daydream Believer – Music Video From TV – Clear

Uploaded by on Nov 6, 2010

Here’s the clear tv version of Daydream Believer, enjoy.


THE A$$ of Gas, THE A$$ of Crass, and THE A$$ of Trash

The Usurper of The United States of America has struck once again with his ‘reverse Midas Touch‘… Gas prices are skyrocketing and the moron in chief has tabled the Keystone Pipeline. Therefore Obama is THE Ass of Gas!

As THE Ass of Crass he apologizes in a 3 page note to Afghan President Hamid Karzai that was “…not appropriate to show…” hmm? Well if it is not appropriate to show, then it was not appropriate to send! Why and how did the Afghan people become aware of any incident, if it actually occurred in the first place, on the interior of a U.S. military base? Is this another case of Obama orchestrated chaos?

And for the ultimate slam and sham, this apology, for a supposed activity that was not fully investigated was jumped humped on by THE Ass of Trash just as quickly as he jumped humped to conclusion on the Cambridge Police Department ‘actions’ back in 2009.

Proof positive that you can not fix stupid and this from a purported graduate of law? hmm? Really? Where are the documents that would verify this?

When will the Usurper apologize to the proper people, the American People, for the deaths, destruction and disasters that he has encouraged? When will he stand up and say that he is sorry for stealing the election of 2008 from a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ who could have fulfilled the duties of POTUS? When will he refuse to deal with Unions, Thugs, Criminals, Minions, Czars, George Soros, and other forms of trash? When will he step down for the good of Our Country and The World?

… I’m awake… must have been dozing… because the nightmare continues unabated and with a vengeance.

Facebook Cramps?

What is the major malfunction Facebook?
Too many facelifts?

ala Nancy Pelosi aka Doesn't Make for a Better Job!

My friends, who are on, are reporting and sending me clips like this…
Did I torque somebody off? bwa ha ha!

Who Wants to Watch a Parade of Overindulgent Overpaid Liberals on Parade?

Then tune in for The 84th Annual Academy Awards… I won’t!

All the glam is now just a sham and a scam pumping out performances for the Liberal swindlers in politics.

Hollywood was once that wonderful movie machine city where actors and actresses honed their craft and where the cream of the crop were honored for real performances, and not just tapped. They came from every state, and often from other countries, real people who wanted something more for themselves and for their families… and they learned how lighting worked, films were cut, stages were built, they scrubbed floors, learned to dance, sing, and every other skill that could bring them great notice. Those actors and actresses had private lives that people didn’t want or need to know about. Life was simple and both the silver screen players and the populace were in love with the fantasy process.

The old timers are to be emulated but the current crop of slop… well they just perform like circus animals who are overpaid and absolutely wreak of overindulgence and self-importance.

I won’t watch the parade while they whine of another missing few of the collective ‘gone too early‘ due to drugs, drink, and other excess. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

How about Hollywood giving back during this OBAMA ORCHESTRATED DEPRESSION! Let actors and actresses get paid a proper hourly wage from $ 19 to $ 40 an hour, shut their mouths, and work. I don’t want to know their sexual perversions, their Communist leanings, their debt ratio, what they get waxed, fixed, or augmented and who is doing what to who. Then maybe, just maybe… all event ticket prices (plays, musicals, movies) will fall and a better class of people can move into the entertainment industry. The current fantasy, for Hollywood, is that it could matter to anyone outside of it and geesh… that is so eerily similar to Washington, DC. Just two little dots on a map of the USA and no one believes in either organized community of corrupt, unethical unions.

Whose Brilliant Idea Was It To Name a Chain of Convenience Gas Stations ‘Kum & Go’?

Really…? Really…? Is that the best some owner or corporation could come up with?

Ground has broken and pumps are going in, hoses will be in place shortly so that nozzles can enter tanks…. Who is gong to want to make a quick stop for a bag/package of nuts or a fill-up? If one wanted to be creative, why slack off?

Why not check the dictionary, encyclopedias, etc first in all languages for usage, context and homonyms?

Why does the cartoon spokesman, screen-captured on their website, appear to be green (with envy or is it a sickness)? Why is he an elderly man (balding, white hair, & glasses)? Why is he winking? Why is he promoting the phrase “Get A Little Crazy”?

What messages does the reader see?

Elementary School, Library, and Family Store Proximity?

By signage one know it’s “…coming soon…” so there is a grasp of the English language and pronunciation… hmm?

Currently, the portable bathroom, even carries a creepy child friendly name…

What would be the overall appeal of anyone stopping or shopping or gassing up here in the upcoming future? I, for one, won’t!

As a VET, Tim, Did You Vet Mitt?

The Shame

If one feels this way…
Then why file on 2.24.12 this way…
To achieve this?

To My Congressman Tim Griffin,

Did you, yourself, actually vet Mitt Romney? I have and it doesn’t bode well.

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The Tale of the Fakes

I really should have listened to my husband when it time came to vote for Tim Griffin… I won’t make that mistake again!

The Tale of the Fakes

Notice that both the Usurper, Obama, and his twin of spin, Mitt Romney were in no big hurry opening day for filing ballot registrations in Arkansas… hmm?

Day 1 Filing in Arkansas

Patiently awaiting the arrival to see who vetted what and when… tick tick tick… deadline is March 1st.