If You Give a $hit, Don’t Vote for Mitt!

It’s bad enough that his ancestry (paternal grandfather) on one side played musical chairs with countries to evade laws on polygamy

It appears that Romney’s maternal grandfather was no better…

…declaration for citizenship was long after his marriage and the birth of first born daughter (Lenore aka Mitt’s Mommy) thereby conferring British citizenship to Lenore and within the birth chain, Mitt? Still awaiting information regarding Lenore’s possible renouncing of British citizenship and processing of naturalization… hmm? Want to bet that this doesn’t exist in any form? (Must check with Hawaii, though, to see if they hold a forged copy)

It appears that maternal grandfather Harold A. Lafount was rather busy avoiding immigration and naturalization processes! hmm?

Clearly dates, ages, time frames of arrivals/departures, marital status, etc were ever creatively evolving for Mr. Lafount. How can so many questionable activities occur within one family that place loyalties in doubt for a descendant who is now running for President of The United States of America?

Now really… the children of these grandparents, Mitt’s Mommy and Daddy took a whack at running for the political offices of Senator and President respectively. Both withdrew! Now why would that be? hmm? Conclusion: THEY WERE INELIGIBLE to hold those offices and I surmise that so is the offspring, Mitt!

America, we do not need 4 more years of uncertainty or irrationality via the current Usurper, Obama or his wannabe, Mitt Romney. Vote Smart, Vote Right, Vote for a Natural Born American. Anyone else is traitorous.

HT to Sherry… Thanks so much to my fellow American Patriot!


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