Let Me Get This Straight… E-Verify Self Check?

Hmm? Interesting that on site DHS has depicted Susan – Supervisory Deportation Officer ICE. And just for fun, when you get over to the site, click the title of the article and watch the change of people with titles where Susan, now below, is screen captured.

Link: The Wait is Over – E-Verify Self Check Is Now Available Nationwide

So… if one is an illegal alien immigrant and unable to work, do they proceed directly to the Welfare Department or just self deport? hmm? Either way they become a DREG upon The United States of America.

Also, since Obozo the Usuper uses an illegal SSN, I wonder if Congress

Self Check was developed in response to a request by Congress to create a service through which U.S. workers could check their own employment eligibility status. It is the first service offered directly to the U.S. workforce by the E-Verify Program.

will be curious enough to enter that number and check it and proceed as is necessary and required by the U.S. Constitution? I double dare Congress!


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