Unplugged – Lithium Batteries

Chevy Volt’s Lithium-Ion Battery and an Electric cigarette explodes in Fla man’s mouth. These 2 articles have lithium batteries and people in common. One of these things just doesn’t belong…

Love the unplugged shirts, one might want to do this to these batteries!

I believe it’s PEOPLE that do not BELONG anywhere near these batteries that are originating hazardous conditions to life and limb!

Since Obozo the Volt Pusher has always held the Reverse Midas Touch, one wonders if he’s now a closet electric cigarette smoker? His big push and END GAME result:

10 Foot Drive or $1.00 Houses – Obama What Have You Done Lately to/for Detroit?

What a Re”Volt”ing Development – Dud or Deathtrap?

Who Were These Chevy Vehicles Really Meant For?



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