Proofreader Needed? Hey HuffPo Seize the Momemt!

Is the Huffington Post unable or incapable of ever printing truth? Since it’s another site’s article, they practice RePeating and a Twitter ReTweeting with an additional disclaimer that clears nothing. Look… if you can’t get the mechanics correct on the page, why should anyone read the content?

Screen capture
** Note the word examples were all spelled exactly the same on the same page!

Let’s make it simple for Arianna’s Lame Stream TeamBale out vs Bail out. Is it too much to ask for a purported to be American News ‘Closeout or is it Closet Liberal’ Outlet owned, managed, and operated by full-blooded American Citizens with Journalism ethics, standards, and capabilities? How about a full and complete understanding of American English versus British English even to Old English versus Modern English? What about a Proofreader? Did Spellcheck throw some Newb for a loop on a copy over?


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