Whose Brilliant Idea Was It To Name a Chain of Convenience Gas Stations ‘Kum & Go’?

Really…? Really…? Is that the best some owner or corporation could come up with?

Ground has broken and pumps are going in, hoses will be in place shortly so that nozzles can enter tanks…. Who is gong to want to make a quick stop for a bag/package of nuts or a fill-up? If one wanted to be creative, why slack off?

Why not check the dictionary, encyclopedias, etc first in all languages for usage, context and homonyms?

Why does the cartoon spokesman, screen-captured on their website, appear to be green (with envy or is it a sickness)? Why is he an elderly man (balding, white hair, & glasses)? Why is he winking? Why is he promoting the phrase “Get A Little Crazy”?

What messages does the reader see?

Elementary School, Library, and Family Store Proximity?

By signage one know it’s “…coming soon…” so there is a grasp of the English language and pronunciation… hmm?

Currently, the portable bathroom, even carries a creepy child friendly name…

What would be the overall appeal of anyone stopping or shopping or gassing up here in the upcoming future? I, for one, won’t!


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