THE A$$ of Gas, THE A$$ of Crass, and THE A$$ of Trash

The Usurper of The United States of America has struck once again with his ‘reverse Midas Touch‘… Gas prices are skyrocketing and the moron in chief has tabled the Keystone Pipeline. Therefore Obama is THE Ass of Gas!

As THE Ass of Crass he apologizes in a 3 page note to Afghan President Hamid Karzai that was “…not appropriate to show…” hmm? Well if it is not appropriate to show, then it was not appropriate to send! Why and how did the Afghan people become aware of any incident, if it actually occurred in the first place, on the interior of a U.S. military base? Is this another case of Obama orchestrated chaos?

And for the ultimate slam and sham, this apology, for a supposed activity that was not fully investigated was jumped humped on by THE Ass of Trash just as quickly as he jumped humped to conclusion on the Cambridge Police Department ‘actions’ back in 2009.

Proof positive that you can not fix stupid and this from a purported graduate of law? hmm? Really? Where are the documents that would verify this?

When will the Usurper apologize to the proper people, the American People, for the deaths, destruction and disasters that he has encouraged? When will he stand up and say that he is sorry for stealing the election of 2008 from a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ who could have fulfilled the duties of POTUS? When will he refuse to deal with Unions, Thugs, Criminals, Minions, Czars, George Soros, and other forms of trash? When will he step down for the good of Our Country and The World?

… I’m awake… must have been dozing… because the nightmare continues unabated and with a vengeance.


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