Daily Archives: March 4, 2012

Will Somebody Clean this Fountain in Hot Springs National Park Arkansas?

Hint: It’s inside the park, downtown, on a main street, on the side of a main building…

It’s an eyesore and leaves a horrible impression to visitors that have come from far off distances to this quaint historical tourist site and National Park in Arkansas. It made me nauseous to view, as it was totally unexpected, and was oozing with primordial slime. Disgusting!

A view of the interior…
…that there is absolutely no excuse for!

What is this really, a miniature algae farm for the USURPER OBOZOA?


Wild Weather in the Appalachians and Great Smoky Mountains

With the rains, tornadoes, and now snow, the Appalachian and Great Smoky Mountains residents are enduring a ‘Black and Blue’ Ridge weather system.

I have never seen such a bizarre weather map as the screen capture from earlier this morning depicts

God Bless Them and Keep as Many Safe as Possible. There have been so many lives lost and major damage to properties that served as residential and commercial properties. Many people have lost both their home and place of work. If you are called upon to help, please do so!