Modernization of WW2 Propaganda For “We The People” of the USA vs THE INTERNAL ENEMY!

The enemy is past the gate, down the road, and entering your front door…

The Original Propaganda Posters of Great Britain during their battles of WWII

detailed here in The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On

In the United States of America today, we need a focal point for “We The People” plastered everywhere during this interior war created by the USURPER.

ENOUGH of the Chaotic One! What America needs is a RESTORER OF ORDER!

Has everyone had enough of the pushers of punk junk via the USURPER, his minions, his morons, and his tag-a-longs?

PATRIOTS, are you ready to get ready?

Time to refine the British Design for Patriot Inspiration!

Let’s get ready to tumble…. the FAUX Administration!

Here are some blank canvases… have at it Patriots!

Bumper Stickers and Sticky Notes ARE NOT STRONG ENOUGH!


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