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Barbie Turns 53 Today… She’s Had Quite the Life!

Barbie makes her debut on March 9, 1959 via History.com. She’s been everywhere, had her ups and downs and still looks great for her age…

I remember having one of the original Barbies, way back when, and either tossing her out or donating her because I thought I was much too grown up for dolls. Then just a few weeks later the New Bendable Legs Barbie came out and back then you could trade your Barbie in for a couple bucks off the new version. That was the first time I ever became angry with myself. My mother or my grandmother offered to take me to Woolco and trade in my doll. Oopsy!

I was not offered a replacement for my stupidity and all of my girlfriends proudly carried their new dolls for weeks. Such was life… at seven years old!