Little Gremlins Everywhere, Purposeful Disruptions?

Last night in Saline County Arkansas, there was a power outage that has since been restored

Could it be another case of it’s “all about the money“?

Surely, not!

It’s just another unusual coincidence of the timing in Benton Arkansas! <rolling my eyes>

Seems like growing pains and GLOWING GREEN plans are even affecting Phoenix Arizona. The recent capture of an electrified glowing explosion, on a news video, has also been determined.

*Noting now – Are we in a phase of electrical problems for various cities?

Isn’t it interesting that gremlins appear to run in cycles like the events are all staged? What were the odds that small planes with pilots and family members were crashing, gas pipes were blowing, planes were dealing with passenger commotions, oil refineries were blowing up, or wild threats of mysterious attacks were each occurring in defined small windows of time? Coincidental? NOT LIKELY!

And DHS says if you see something, say something… I call BULLSHIT when I see it!


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