The Battle of Athens McMinn County Tennessee and Vote Tampering

The Battle of Athens: Restoring the Rule of Law

Uploaded by on Dec 27, 2011

The Battle of Athens was an armed rebellion led by WWII veterans and citizens in Athens and Etowah, Tennessee, United States, against the tyrannical local government in August 1946.

Specific materials in this video are copyrighted and fall into 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A, The Fair Use of a Copyrighted Work.

To learn more about The Battle of Athens August 1st and 2nd 1946 via the Constitution Society website.

Educate thyself for future reference! Why is this relevant in 2012 and the upcoming election? When the government permits/forces the ballot boxes, i.e. the polls, to be stuffed with unqualified voters’ votes, “We The People” are now dealing with a tyrannical federal government!

h/t Jimmy my Patriot Darling!


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