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Unmasking Occupy Little Rock PR Leaders as the .0001%

Occupy Little Rock continues to spread message, six months later with .0001%ers, aka losers, as leaders?

Screen captures from the article would lead one to believe it’s just two random men from the movement
but the video stills reveal much more:
Looks like I was spot on….

Just who is Mac Miller and what does he do?
a) He’s no relative of mine, thank goodness
b) Classy interview for You Tube … NOT

Note in this obviously staged video at the 6:13 mark he states:

“… I own three properties out here…”

and listen further as he wants to become a 1 %er.
c) Member of online version of Arkansas Times since January 28th of this year. Finally found a purpose?Just who is Greg Deckelman and what does he do?
a) Drummer in Little Rock Arkansas
b) Maintains the Little Rock Arkansas Occupy Facebook site
c) Self bio on Klout d) Indie film musical writer

These two men seem to be great buds on Facebook
Now, it’s almost as if they are not only ‘PR Leaders‘ but the ‘Ring Leaders‘ in this dysfunctional bowel movement in Little Rock, hmm?

What’s SAG paying these days, hmm?