The Democratic Ethnic Cleansing Strategy as Revealed, Walked Back, and Now Campaign Halted

by none other than… North Carolina Democratic State Senate Candidate Bivins Hollar.

Democrat candidate’s racist ethnic cleansing video

Uploaded by on Mar 16, 2012

North Carolina Democrat state senate candidate Bivins Hollar had a video up on YouTube (now deleted from his account) outlining his plans for ethnic cleansing in South Africa. In the video Hollar detailed a plan to move “whites” from east to west in South Africa and push all the “savages” out by “just shooting them.” He went on to say that black South Africans should be relocated to a desert compound and be starved to death.

hmm? Democrats really do think like that! This idiot just let it out and now tries to walk it back… CAUTION, now he displays a foul mouth!

Bivins Hollar Denials (A Video by NC Senate Candidate Hollar)

Uploaded by on Mar 15, 2012

CONTAINS PROFANITY. Originally titled “Kony 2012 self promotion media.” Hollar denies the statements he made about killing South Africans in the other video on this channel (“Eli and Neil”). For further information, see:…

Never forget that the Democrats started the KKK... hmm? My, my… how far have they really progressed?

Controversial Catawba County candidate says he’s not running! Well, that didn’t take long… the Democrats eat their own when they chatter too much!


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