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The NEWLY HOODIED KKK Party Arises as Obama Supplies Stock

Get Your Hoodies as the USURPER hawks his wares. The NEWLY HOODIED KKK Party arises like the proverbial Phoenix via the Democrats just like 150 years ago

Step 1 Don your hood(ies)

Rally for Trayvon Martin in Washington, DC

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Step 2 Bounty your assigned victim

Step 3 Administer justice? (What do they really plan to do?)

Why does a visual of nightsticks or batons swinging come to mind? hmm, oh that’s right… there’s this…

Obama ENDORSES Black Panthers intimidate voters in Pennsylvania

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Black Panthers intimidate voters in Pennsylvania Obama Endorses BLACK PANTHERS ON HIS WEBSITE, THEY ENDORSE HIM!

Obama is a dangerous FAR LEFT LIBERAL who will take our country in a way different direction than we have ever seen.
Along with Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, they will plow through anything they want to impose on the American people.
They will also be able to elect Liberal judges who will interpret the constitution in a different way than how it was meant.
We need judges who interpret the constitution, and not try to ammend it, as Barack Obama proposed in a 2001 Audio on NPR Radio. Where he stated he wanted the Supreme court to change the constitution to be able to redistribute wealth which was not done for the civil rights struggle.

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Vacation Pack to Egypt… Not Even If It Was For FREE!

No Death Wish here:
Disposable income should not be used for a gamble on a future cemetery site!

Nope, won’t be using this deal anytime in the future!