Americans for Prosperity Keeps Up the Heat in DC – Hands Off My Healthcare Rally

Thank-you to Americans for Prosperity for never failing to represent “WE THE PEOPLE” when all can not be present in Washington, DC… and just look at all the Friends of “WE THE PEOPLE” who came out in support…
Started at 1:00 pm EST.President of Americans for Prosperity Tim PhillipsCancer Survivor Tracy WalshSenator Paul RyanSenator Ron JohnsonNJ Director of AFP Steve LoneganCongressman Scott GarrettBrent BozellCongressman Allen WestSenator Jim DeMintSenator Rand PaulPA Director of AFP Jennifer StefanoSenator Pat ToomeyJim Martin 60+ LeaderCanadian Citizen Shawna HolmesPenny Nance of Concerned Women for AmericaDallas Woodhouse and then unfortunately I missed the next speaker as my Livestream died… Music for a bit until…Congresswoman Michele Bachmann arrived… and she brought another friendCongressman Steve King.

Even with a remote viewing, it was an uplifting event. Everyone talked to the people not at the people.

God Bless America!


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