Daily Archives: April 7, 2012

The Occupiers Are Getting Lined Up With Expanded Training

The Occupiers are on various launch modes to go deranged upon our United States of America….

From the 99% Spring Action Training home page the ties that bind these slimy thugs, slugs, and mugs, that have long been suspected, are now revealed to be absolute:
Every TEA Party, Oath Keeper, 912er, Law Enforcement Officer, etc… should do the search on the site by zip code to know when and where THE Haters of America are being re-educated for more acts of violence, squatting, theft, disorderly conduct, rapes, murder and all of the other crimes they relish in against their fellow human beings.

If they continue to act like the moronic thugs of demented hate, Personal Liberty Digest has provided useful tips, via the article Responding To A Major Riot to weather their $HIT STORM.