Daily Archives: April 16, 2012

Community Agitators aka Occupy Little Rock and the Empty Hall or is that Stall

Just the other day (Saturday April 14, 2012 and for 7 hours at a church?) in Little Rock, and with their socialistic ‘Occupy’ instructors holding an arranged training on how to potentially commit crimes as it is the standard of behavior in the majority of Occupy Camps, the lackluster interest is oh so transparent. EMBARRASSING TURNOUT for a well publicized class in the largest city, the Capital city, and centralized city in ARKANSAS!

Winging At Bingo? There Wasn't Even 99 People Interested In This Clap Trap

And this is the very best picture that they touted on Twitter, omg priceless! This faux ‘counter intuitive and counterproductive group’ in The United States of America is so passé!

Even the Occupiers don’t know what their instructions are anymore!


As If The Buffet Rule Had a Chance

The Buffet Rule or Paying a Fair Share Act of 2012 was just another busy activity for the Demonic DemocRATs and RINO Susan Collins of Maine. There wasn’t a chance that this would pass especially after the Usurper’s taxes revealed he is a worst case example of evading tax payment requirements with a little stunt or two.

The tally of votes –

YEAs 51
NAYs 45
Not Voting 4

Congrats to every TEA Party Member today! Big changes are coming!